The Bridge Story

The Bridge Church emerged out of the English Ministry of Hanuri Korean Church, a Korean church that has been a part of the Dallas community since the early 80’s. In 2009 the English Ministry of Hanuri Korean Church made the decision to change its name to The Bridge. As it turns out, this decision represented so much more than a desire for a catchy name. At that time the members of the English Ministry grew increasingly aware that a focus on the Korean church was too limited, hindering this ministry from reaching its full potential as a thriving body of believers.
The renewed vision of The Bridge Church emerged out of this sense of restlessness and a passion to see our ministry reach people and touch lives in a way that would paint a truer picture of the body of Christ. Since then The Bridge has come to embrace reaching out widely by valuing diversity within our community. While we appreciate our roots in the Korean church, The Bridge now looks forward with broadened horizons. Through transition, changes, and even some growing pains, The Bridge has taken on the challenge of changing and evolving in a way that brings us closer to the heart of God.
In the Fall of 2013 The Bridge was pleased to welcome Pastor Andrew Kim and his wife Susan to the Bridge, bringing to a close a period of transition. Today, The Bridge is a ministry that strives to make Jesus widely known in the Dallas area with a deep desire to see people from all backgrounds and circumstances sharing life together. Included in this renewed vision is a special desire to engage people who do not have a religious or church-going background. One of the exciting developments we have experienced here at The Bridge is the opportunity to share life with people from various cultures and backgrounds.
We are committed to being a church that is joined in love so that we may passionately worship and move one another to serve faithfully. The Dallas area is in a period of dynamic growth and change with growing communities made up of people from many places and backgrounds. 
It is our sincere hope to be the kind of church that can welcome and lovingly serve the people of this area.